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Pre engineered building

Austin infratech Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can be 100% customised designed to provide maximum space utilisation, excellent strength, minimum waste and building usecase. Everything we do is keeping in mind the highest safety standard, safety is priorities at all the time.

roof and wall cladding system

Austin infratech offers a wide variety of modern profile to suit all applications. Austin infratech metal panel has most aesthetic feature along with the strength and safety. This is used as roof and wall, interior roof and wall liners, partition, facia and soffit etc. These Roofing sheets are available in a range of superior and aesthetic colors for Roofing and wall Cladding. These Roofing Sheets have excellent corrosion and weather resistance there by ensuring low maintenance and long durability of the roofing system.

hi-rib profile sheet

Austin infratech Hi-Rib Profile offered with perfect overlap so as to provide a high degree of weather protection with anti-capillary fluid & corrosion while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

technical specifications


1060 + 5 mm : 1020 + 5

covered width

mm :200 + 3 mm :26


+ 2 mm


max 20 mtr

lenght thickness

0.30 mm to 0.80


Pre Engineered Building Design


Why You should choose Austin infratech

  • Cost Effective

  • Weathertight roof and wall coverings

  • Lightweight

  • Flexibility in expansion

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Factory-controlled quality


Building industries with speed

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Metro stations

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Shopping malls

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Buildings etc